I’m back, this time with a post that I’ve never done before – a book haul!

I can’t say that I’m a fan of Urban Outfitters clothes, but I am legit obsessed with their homeware and books.

With my new office shelves looking a little bare, I decided to indulge in a recent UO sale and somehow ended up skipping over pretty much everything but a collection of lovely new books. I love a good haul post, so I thought why not write one myself? On to the literature! 🎊


Being a fan of David Shrigley and the cult Modern Toss series, this charmingly offensive hardback was the first thing to catch my eye. It’s a tough one to accurately describe, so I’ve borrowed the following from the fantastic Kickstarter associated with the book:

Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection will be the greatest retrospective of Mr Bingo’s hugely popular Hate Mail project. Since 2011 Mr Bingo has sent 928 vintage postcards skilfully emblazoned with offensive messages to (mostly) willing recipients. The book will be a bloody lovely, high production volume showcasing 156 postcards from the Hate Mail project, selected by the artist.

It is absolutely hilarious – maybe not one for those easily offended, but if you fancy a giggle and don’t mind a lot of swearing, this one is great for a flick through!


Millerite? The Church of the Latter-Day Dude? The Aetherius Society? This ‘choose your own adventure’ style book is an exploration of forty of the most shocking cults of the world, and everything you need to know about them. Although written in an amusing manner, it’s actually quite scary to see how many dangerous and deadly cults actually exist.

Do you prefer applesauce (Heaven’s Gate) to Kool-Aid (People’s Temple)? Do you think carrots are “the Food of the Masters” (The Church Universal and Triumphant) or that swimming and joking should be forbidden (The Fellowship of Friends)? This is the book for you! 

At £9.99 this would make a fab gift for a loved one who is just into that kind of “stuff” – just try not to blame yourself when they’re sucked into a life of Buddhafield!


Jump inside the world of Stranger Things and discover everything you need to know about the hit TV show. Grab your Eggo waffles and get ready for a visit to Hawkins, Indiana—just don’t forget the fairy lights!

As a huge Stranger Things fan, I rushed to snap this up in the sale and I am so glad that I did! An unofficial guide to the hit Netflix show; this book not only breaks down episodes from the first season, but also analyses characters and includes some really fun footnotes and trivia.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan or just need to catch up before you start watching, I’d totally recommend giving it a read.

WHY I MARCH by Samantha Weiner/Emma Jacobs

I can’t resist an interesting coffee table book – especially not one featuring thousands of women making a stand.

‘Why I March’ is a NY Times, Indiebound, Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle best seller and it’s not hard to see why.

On January 21, 2017, five million people in 82 countries and on all seven continents stood up with one voice. The Women’s March began with one cause, women’s rights, but quickly became a movement around the many issues that were hotly debated during the 2016 U.S. presidential race—immigration, health care, environmental protections, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, freedom of religion, and workers’ rights, among others.

It is a wonderfully powerful collection of photos from various Women’s Marches around the world that took place in the 66 days between Trump’s election and inauguration – 673 to be exact. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been so apt, and this anthology is a stark reminder of resilience and unanimity across the globe.

All royalties from the sale of the book will be donated to nonprofit charities affiliated with the marches. 


Vinyl records are back–in a big way. Music lovers are turning back to vinyl for its pure sound and the fun of collecting. If you’re ready to take the plunge, The Beginner’s Guide to Vinyl will walk you through the basics of what is sure to become your newest passion.

The wife has a pretty impressive collection of vinyl, and over the years I’ve started to amass plenty of my own. This guide contains literally everything you need to know about vinyl – from buying decks to the specifics of how records are made, it’d perfect for those who can’t resist a good LP.

It has plenty of images and detailed how-to sections too, making it the ultimate guide to the world of vinyl.


I’m a sucker for powerful inspiring women and great illustration, and this book wonderfully combines both to showcase 100 remarkable women who shaped and changed the world.

From pirates to artists, warriors, daredevils, scientists, activists, and spies, the accomplishments of these incredible women vary as much as the eras and places in which they effected change. Featuring bold watercolour portraits and illuminating essays by Ann Shen, Bad Girls Throughout History is a distinctive, gift-worthy tribute.

This is a quick and joyful read that helps bring amazing impact women have had on earth throughout history to light. The entries are short but sweet, and the accompanying illustrations are excellently well done. Diverse, inspiring and fun – I’ll definitely be reading this to my kids one day!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first haul type post – even if it was only a smallish one. Let me know what kinds of posts like this you’d like to see in the future – makeup? Homeware? The possibilities are endless!

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