Things I Love About Spring

Things I Love About Spring

Blue skies, warm winds and pastel pink blossoms are a sure sign that spring is well and truly upon us.

Whilst it’s not my favourite season, I can’t deny that I love the chill in the air, the budding new nature and everything else associated, so join me as I run through the things that I love about spring.

🌸 Bloomin’ flowers!

After a usually wet, windy and cold winter, I get super excited when new and old plants and flowers start to bloom. In just the past few days I’ve spotted daffodils, tulips and tiny green buds on a rose-tree all beginning to come back to life and it warms my green-fingered little heart!

🌸 Spring cleaning

I can be a bit of clean freak at times, and I love the excuse of a ‘spring clean’ to give the house a good going over. Pull on some marigolds, gather your cleaning supplies and go to town in every single room. It might take a while, but it is so rewarding to blow away the winter cobwebs and prep for summer.

🌸 Longer days

Arriving at work in darkness and heading home in darkness is nothing short of depressing. As much as I love a cosy winter evening, it feels like my day ends the minute the sun goes down. Spring has only just arrived, and I’m ecstatic to see that it’s still light outside even at 6:30pm!

After a long day (especially one spent in a too hot office) I enjoy nothing more than sitting out on my deck with a cold drink, letting the evening sun wash over me. Ahh, bliss.

🌸 Spring Makeup

It’s finally time to pack away deep berry tones and heavy winter foundation, and dust off the nudes and cc cream! With each season I like to give my makeup bag a clear out and update with the latest seasonal products. I’ll do a separate post on this shortly, but giving or throwing away old/unused products and repurchasing new, shiny ones is my favourite thing to do.

🌸 Brighter mornings

I find it difficult to drag myself out of bed when it’s still dark out, so the arrival of the sun streaming through my blinds most mornings in spring is very welcome. Waking up to a gorgeous blue sky and bright sunshine is a real mood booster, and I love quietly taking it in whilst eating my breakfast outside in the cool morning air.

🌸 Warmer temperatures

Who doesn’t enjoy a mild climate? I love the sunshine but can’t function in anything hotter than twenty-five degrees, so spring temperatures that gently lead into the roasting summers we’ve been experiencing are perfect. I live and battle with chronic pain, and the warmer weather eases some of the aches and pains that winter brings on, plus it really brightens my mood and mindset.

🌸 Fresh air

Going hand in hand with warmer temperatures and brighter morning is the lovely fresh air! I don’t think anything can beat a crisp winter day, but the cool breeze and scent of plants and flowers associated with spring comes pretty damn close.

🌸 Florals

I love floral, and although the floral trend doesn’t ever really die down in other seasons, I get so excited when it bursts back onto the scene in the springtime. There is something so delightfully calming about being surrounded by natural and artificial florals, and for the fashion followers among you SS17 florals are going to be huge. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

🌸 Wardrobe update

I have a very unvarying wardrobe with lots of staples that I wear throughout the year, however I’ll seize any opportunity to have a bit of a revamp and spring gives me a great excuse. I pack away the jumpers I’ve lived in through autumn and winter (sob) and fill my drawers with dreamy pastels and – you’ve guessed it – floral prints. Last year I really got into layering floaty harem pants with a vest or plain t-shirt and light cardigan, which is something I think I might carry on again this time around.

🌸 Road trips

The last thing I love about spring but in no way the least – road trips. We usually stick to camping in the Lake District, but last year we travelled to Hay-on-Wye for the Hay Festival, drove through Elan Valley and stopped off in Aberystwyth before heading home and I absolutely loved it. Longer days mean more driving hours and time to explore, and even heading out for a day trip can be so much fun. Here’s to more road trips this year.

What’s your favourite thing about spring? Do you know of somewhere in the UK that I absolutely must visit? Let me know, and don’t forgot to give this post a like below before you leave!

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