The Rose & Thistle Wax Patisserie: The Review

The Rose & Thistle Wax Patisserie: The Review
My love of candles would take over my life and home if I let it, and much to the dismay of my ever patient wife I’ve very recently discovered a new scent obsession – wax melts.

It started with a Yankee Candle wax burner picked up on a whim a few Christmases ago, and it’s slowly snowballed to having more melts than I can count and the compulsive need to buy more whenever I come across them.
I am a huge fan of Yankee (who isn’t?) and really do like their scents, but after seeing different brands bring out their own wax melts I decided to hunt around for some and give them a try.
My search led me to Etsy, and to The Rose & Thistle Wax Patisserie. I found a huge range of scents to choose from and was super excited to find Lush dupe scents such as Rose Jam and Snow Fairy.
I excitedly placed my order for a couple of the melt pots to test and very quickly got to work burning through them. Before I do a mini review, I just want to point out that this post is in no way sponsored – like most of my content, this is an honest review of something that I really love and want to write about.
Okay? On to the goodies
Each melt burned for roughly 10 hours or so before the scent faded (bar one, see below). The average time for a Yankee tart is 8, so I was really impressed with this. They are gorgeously presented in very handy resealable tubs, and look amazing – check out the shimmer on ‘The Comforter’ below!

The Comforter

Flowerbomb dupe

Flowerbomb was one of the first perfumes that I bought for myself, and I think that memory alone has given this melt a little piece of my heart. I was most nervous about lighting this and being potentially let down, but I was not at all. It smells so like Flowerbomb and even though my lovely OH thinks it’s a little sweet, she nevertheless agrees that it is a solidly good dupe. I love that I can have the smell of this floating through my house without having to spray perfume in every room.

Lord of Misrule dupe

Of all the ones that I tried, this is most definitely my favourite. Lord of Misrule is one of my top scents and I still regret not stocking up from Lush over winter as I’m now completely Misrule-less. I wasn’t sure how similar the scent would be or if it would be anything like it at all, but it is an amazing dupe. This pot was the first one that I used and within around twenty minutes of popping it in the burner, the lower level of my house filled with the LoM scent. If you’re a Lord of Misrule fan and go crazy for it when it’s in season, then I would 100% recommend buying this – it is amazing.

The Comforter dupe

The Comforter was one of the first bubble bars that I ever tried from Lush, so I was super excited to find this in wax melt form. It has such a strong scent even when not being used, and it smells very, very similar to the real thing. Out of all the ones that I used I think this one only lasted around 5 hours before I couldn’t really smell anything, but oh my were those the most comfort filled hours! I find it hard to believe that one little melt could spread through my entire house, but I could literally smell this in every single room. Colour me impressed!

Pear & Freesia dupe

Now, I’ll be honest here – I’ve never smelt the Pear & Freesia Jo Malone scent, so I can’t accurately say that it smelt anything like it, but I can say that it smelt pretty damn nice and is up there with LoM as a new favourite melt. It is sweet and crisp without being too overpowering, and even in its solid state it could be detected throughout my quite large living room. I think this one is a very ‘clean’ scent, and it kind of reminded me a little of autumn.
I really enjoyed using these melts and can’t wait to buy some more – be sure to check out The Rose & Thistle on Etsy here. As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post – don’t forget to let me know your favourite melt scent below!
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