The Podcast Playlist // #2

The Podcast Playlist // #2

After such a great response from my first podcast playlist post here, I decided to jump back in and update you with part two!

I’ve found that I listen to podcasts more and more now – when I’m working, working out or have some spare time when I just need a bit of a distraction. There is just something so engaging and captivating about them that I can’t resist – I’m addicted 💁

My Favorite Murder

Murder? Check. Laughs? Check. Cats? CHECK!

‘My Favorite Murder’ is an incredible true crime podcast from the amazingly funny Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. Each episode has me flitting between horrified and entertained, with lots of lighthearted and funny chat featuring in every release. My lovely wife introduced me to this deliciously dark humored cast, and we are true murderinos.

Stay sexy, don’t get murdered!

At Home With…

Who doesn’t love a good nosey around other people’s houses? Straight from two of my favourite YouTube gurus Anna Gardner and Lily Pebbles, ‘At Home With…’ is the podcast version of ‘Through the Keyhole’ (showing my age here) but better! With a whole host of amazing guests from Jo Elvin to Zoe Sugg aka Zoella, it’s such a lovely easy listen, perfect for a Wednesday morning commute. Anna and Lily have great chemistry and are wholly engaging, and I’ve never once found myself skipping ahead or feeling bored. Season 1 has very recently finished, and I’m crossing my fingers for a second! 🤞

Reply All

To be honest I never thought this would draw me in as a listener, but ‘Reply All’ is a great podcast all about the internet that reels me in again and again. It is informative, creative and witty and always leaves me chuckling to myself. Hosts PJ and Alex (the best bromance, ever) spin the greatest tales, and keep a perfect balance between serious and funny. There are some phenomenal episodes, so be sure to give this one a try.


Despite never being on my radar, this pop culture podcast has managed to win me over in a spectacular fashion. I’m a late listener, joining after an intense ‘Gilmore Girls – The Revival’ episode but boy I don’t regret giving it a chance! Hosted by Caroline Crampton and Anna Leszkiewicz it has something that appeals to everyone – movies, music, feminism, political affairs and geek culture. Packed with fab recommendations for stuff I would never have discovered myself, it is brilliantly whimsical and feels like listening to two old friends chatting away.

Thinking Sideways

Thinking Sideways is a curious podcast, with three charming skeptics delving into downright creepy world of unsolved mysteries. From the Dyatlov Pass incident to the disappearance of Amelia Earhart there is an impressive library on offer. All research and findings from each ‘case’ are also posted on the Thinking Sideways website, so that you can take a closer look if something really interests you. Episodes can last between 30 minutes to two hours, and can be treated as standalone meaning you can listen depending on the amount of time you have – the longer ones are great for driving.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup as much as I’ve enjoyed coming back to update it! Give me a shout with your favourite podcasts or recommendations and I’ll be sure to give them a go.

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