Pamper Yourself // V-Day

Pamper Yourself // V-Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s is usually about showering that special someone with gifts and love, but what about YOU?

Surely you deserve to treat yo’self?

Pamper Yourself!

I’ve put together a list of ideas and tips for putting you first – so pull up a chair, grab a wine (or tea) and get ready to pamper yourself like there’s no tomorrow!

Run yourself a hot LUSH filled bath (snow fairy is my jam at the moment), light some candles, put on your favourite tunes and soak away.

Ladies – set aside a good hour and spend time giving yourself a luxury, at home manicure.

Eat whatever your heart desires, and own it! A green smoothie bowl with freshly pressed juice, or a cheesy gooey pizza? It doesn’t matter, as long as YOU enjoy.

Grab a face mask of your choice, set aside a good half an hour and chill with your feet up whilst it works it’s magic on your skin!

Have your own movie or TV show marathon – re-watch a whole season of your favourite show, or binge on as many 90s movies as you can.

Take a nap! Sometimes nothing beats bundling up in your softest PJs and dropping off for a good half hour.

Flower fan? Buy the biggest, prettiest bunch you can find and spend a whole week smiling every time you see them and are reminded that you are awesome.

Fitness fan? Go to an exercise class, and spend an hour raising your heart rate in a room full of like-minded people – the enthusiasm is infectious!

Buy a bottle of prosecco, go home and pop it open for you and you only.

Don’t have a lot of time free but need some head space? Download an app or search YouTube for guided meditation, and spend some time pampering your mind – even if it is only for ten minutes.

Do something creative! Pick up some knitting needles and ‘knit purl’ away, or try your hand at calligraphy. Finish your mini project, and display it proudly.

Turn off your phone, turn off your tv and settle down with a good book. There is nothing like switching off from the world and immersing yourself into a good tale.

Go for a walk in your local park, or if you’ve got lots of time spare dedicate plan an epic hike and enjoy your own company.

Do whatever makes YOU happy. You’re the most important person in your life, and you deserve all the love and happiness you can get; whether it’s from someone else or yourself.

I hope these tips are useful and inspire you to dedicate some time to yourself – you’re worth it!

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