Evening Routine: De-Stress

Evening Routine: De-Stress

There’s no hiding from the fact that all, if not most of us, have suffered from stress at some point in our lives.

There are no shortages to the things you can do to relax but one thing that I find helps take the pressure off is indulging in a little ‘me’ time and creating a stress free environment to wind down in, especially during weekdays. I was super excited to be asked to collab with Panasonic on their Panasonic Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker for this post as music plays a huge part in my life – especially when it comes to de-stressing!

So if you’ve not already guessed, today’s post is all about my very own evening routine.

Before we really get down to it, I feel the need to point out how very important it is to give yourself a break sometimes. I know not everybody has the time to dedicate a whole evening to themselves, but even taking 10 guilt free minutes can make a world of difference: I promise. 

Light it up

My routine sometimes varies depending on how I’m feeling or how much time I have, but I start every single one by lighting a candle or two the minute I get home from work. A favourite lately has been the DW Home ‘Magic Unicorn’ candle – I love the warming sweet smell of this one and the comforting vibe that I’ve come to associate with it.

Ready, steady…don’t cook

As much as I love spending time in the kitchen, some days I want something quick & easy to make that doesn’t require much effort. On these days, I’ll usually stick with pasta and pesto (with a side of veggies if I’m feeling healthy) – super fast to make with minimal mess, and super tasty!


If you’re here often, you’ll know I’m a very enthusiastic yogi – check out a post from last year on why I love it so much here. I’ll usually pop a Yoga With Adrienne (my fav yoga babe) on and wind down with quick stress relief practice or go with my own flow and stretch until I feel a little lighter. Even a super short practice never fails to melt away some of my troubles, so grab a mat and give it a try!


I bloody love a good bath, especially as a relaxation tool (or at least that’s how I justify going absolutely mad in Lush every so often). I like to light a candle or two, fill the bath with bubbles and prepare to soak – usually with a facemask (this one from Lush is amazing) and a playlist of chilled songs playing soothingly in the background. I love this stylish little white waterproof speaker – perfect for bath times if you’re a bit clumsy and liable to knock in it like me!

Pre-bed Pamper

After a good hour or so floating in a glitter filled bath, I’ll pop on some comfy PJs and have a mini pamper session. If it’s a weekday and I don’t have much time I’ll opt for a quickish manicure, or if I’m in the mood for something more luxurious I’ll break out my gel nail kit and “fancy” face serum (we’ve all got these, saved for best…right?!) and settle in with something funny and lighthearted on Netflix – I’m currently working my way through a third rewatch of Friends ✌🏻

Write it out

Something the really helps me to get my stressed out head back in order is writing down everything and anything that’s on my mind. I’ve recently started a bullet journal, and I’m finding that having a private, personal  space to write stuff down is an extremely therapeutic experience. Everything goes in there – random doodles, stuff I need to get done, things I need to remember, anxieties, stresses, ideas and plans…the list is endless.

Screen ban

I try super hard to put down anything with a screen a good half hour before bed to give my eyes and brain a break, and I think it even more important if you’re going through a stressful, manic time. Limit screen time as much as you can before bed, even if it means turning your phone off and leaving it in another room to stop temptation. Most of us spend 80% of our waking day in front of a screen of some kind, so switching off even for a little while can be beneficial.

Brew & a book

To round off my evening, I like to make a cup of warm milk or herbal tea – like this one from Twinings. I’ll usually sip this whilst I’m snuggled under the covers with a book and it’s enough to start to send me off to sleep – perfectly rounding up my de-stress evening!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post – let me know how your evening routine differs, or if you got any top tips for winding down at the end of a long day.

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