How To Feel Festive

How To Feel Festive

It is never too early for feeling Christmassy – so welcome to my very own guide on how to get (and stay) in the holiday mood.

Christmas is looming, and I don’t know about you but sometimes I need a little push to start feeling properly festive.

You’ve watched all the Christmas adverts you can find, “accidentally” emptied your advent calendar early and still aren’t filled with a glowing sense of warmth and joy and glitter….so what now?

Here are some of my top things to help lift those merry spirits, and inspire YOU to release your inner elf.

❄ Buy the most glaringly jolly Christmas bedding you can find. George at ASDA do some fantastic duvet covers – a few that caught my eye this year include the Vintage Deer and Christmas Cars. Pop them on your bed and slide in – nothing beats fresh sheets, right?
❄ Treat yo’ self to ALL THE CANDLES. No, really. Check out this post for some of my treasured scents this year and then immediately run out and snap them up.Β  Wait for a moody afternoon/evening, and then go crazy and light ’em up – let the overwhelming smell of Xmas overtake you.
❄ Go to a Christmas Market! Bundle up, wander around and soak up the Christmas atmosphere. Indulge in a hot cider and copious amounts of handmade chocolates.
❄ Layer up, stick on a bobbly hat and go for a stroll around a local park. Fresh air is amazing for the body and mind and nature + winter is so beautiful. Pack your camera, and snap as many feel good pictures as you can.
❄ Run a hot bath and throw in some Christmas bath bombs. LUSH have an amazing range of products at this time of year and I adore ‘Shoot for the Stars’ and ‘Golden Wonder’. No bath? No problem! Pick up a shower gel or some jelly – ‘Snowman’ and ‘Berry Berry Christmas’ are perfect alternatives to a soak.
❄ Gather some supplies, and make some mulled wine! Tesco do a great mulled wine kit if you’re in a rush, or look up some classic boozy recipes and spend time experimenting in the kitchen. Not only will you have a super tasty tipple to show for your hard work, but your house will smell AMAZING 🍷
❄ Pop on a Christmas film, make a den under some warm blankets and eat πŸ‘ all πŸ‘ theΒ πŸ‘ snacks. Netflix has a fab selection of festive movies, or you can pick up a few DVDs cheaply at most supermarkets/bargain shops.
❄ Make something! You’re never too old to enjoy a crafting session. Check out a guide I wrote last year to making your own last minute Christmas decorations – making your own wreath will leave you feeling super accomplished, and with something pretty to hang on your door, yay!
❄ I LOVE Christmas TV and genuinely look forward to settling down with a physical TV guide (Radio Times or nothing) circling all the stuff I’ll never have time to (but absolutely want to) watch.
❄ Spend time with your family – I can’t stress how important this one is. Whether you’re crowded round a table with your extended relatives arguing over Christmas crackers or snuggled up with a four legged fur baby and a giant tub of Roses, spend as much time as you can with the one(s) that you love. For me, Christmas is a time for family and filling my heart full of love – enjoy every moment!


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