SPECTRUM Brushes // The Review

SPECTRUM Brushes // The Review

Hello lovelies! I’m back with another beauty review, and this week I’m talking about Spectrum Collections and their fabulous makeup brushes.

Spectrum Brushes & Bag

There is no skipping around that fact that Spectrum are undeniably a popular brand, taking social networks such as Instagram & Pinterest by storm. Their eye-catchingly designed sets are very aesthetically pleasing and I was beyond thrilled to receive the 10 piece essential set from my wife last Christmas.

I’ve never owned a full brush set before so I didn’t really know what to expect packaging wise. My set came in a cool neon pink branded wallet with a plastic press stud – I’ve not used this for anything yet, but I think it will come in super handy for protecting my brushes when travelling.

Each brush is utterly gorgeous. They have some weight to them which makes me think they’re sturdy and long-lasting, and are made of high quality synthetic hair. I think it’s super important to know that they are also vegan, and 100% cruelty free – if that’s not a good excuse to buy them, I don’t know what is.

The brushes are dense and the bristles are super soft – I honestly don’t know how I managed to do a decent job of my makeup with my previous, falling apart mismatched brushes. I have found that these take on less product, so I’m using less base product each time but still achieving really even coverage – bonus!

I find that they’re also easy to clean – a quick swirl on a brush cleaner with some gel is enough to get rid of any traces of product; I’ve written about this in a separate post here.

The 10 piece set consists of the following:

B01 – Flat Top Buffer
A01 – Large Domed Powder
A05 – Small Angled Blush
B03 – Buffing Concealer
A06 – Large Fluffy Shader
B06 – Tall Tapered Blender
B04 – Small Angled Blender
A17 – Angled Brow
A15 – Lip Liner
A09 – Angled Eyeliner

I haven’t been the most adventurous with my makeup lately so I’ve not had a chance to try each brush properly, but I can firmly say that the ones that I have tried and use daily are fantastic.

The buffing concealer brush (Bo3) is honestly the best one that I have ever used, and flat top buffer (B01) does an amazing job of blending foundation into my skin. I use the large domed powder brush (A01) for all over bronzing, followed by the small angled brush (A05) for contouring.

For my eye makeup, I use the small angled blender (B04) to layer on the shades that I want to use, and then blend out with the tall taped blender (B06). This one is such a good brush for eyeshadow and blends flawlessly! If I feel like I need a stronger colour on the outer edges of my lids I’ll go back in with the large fluffy shader (A06).

Although I’ve not used the angled brown (A17), lip liner (A15) or angled eyeliner (A09) I can’t wait to find a use for them.

I don’t think that there is a right or a wrong way to use these no matter what name or number they have – it’s nice to experiment and see what works best for you!

I’ve fallen truly head over heels for Spectrum, and it’s not hard to see why. fantastically crafted products at a very reasonable price (you can buy the brushes individually too) from a great brand that seem to know exactly what tools beauty fans need.

Check out their feed here, and treat yo’self – you’re worth it!


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