🍒 Summer Skincare Routine 🌅

🍒 Summer Skincare Routine 🌅
Another season change and yet another skin care post…I may need an intervention.
Seriously though, looking after your skin is super important so I’m all for changing it up every season to make sure that my face is getting the best possible treatment that I can give it.
Although it feels like we’ve already hit Autumn, the fluctuating temperature over the past few weeks has wrecked havoc with my face and as I tend to alter my routine as and when it suits I thought it’d be a good idea to share a post about this right here!

As we start to creep closer towards the hot weather, I’m sure many of you will start to experience those dreaded summer breakouts, not to mention skin that switches from being horribly oily then back to ridiculously dry.
The products that I’ve used lately have seriously helped me personally and although they work for me I can’t guarantee that this regime will work for everyone. That said, it’s always worth switching it up a little and assessing where your skin is at every so often, so you can stay at the very top of your skin care game.

Step 1: Wash

After researching the best kind of face wash for blemish prone skin, I ended up settling on the Boots Daily Detox facial wash and I love it. I’ve never tried anything charcoal based before so had no idea what to expect. The product isn’t jet black as I first thought it would be, but is a metallic silver/grey colour that turns white once wet. It took me a few tries to get the hang of using it as it’s like no other wash that I’ve tried before – top tip here, lay a hot flannel on your face before applying a thin layer, and use lots of water to create a lather before wiping off.
Daily Detox Face Wash
The Daily Detox face wash does a fantastic job of removing makeup, melting away even heavy foundations and lipsticks. I always remove any eye makeup with an oil based cleanser before washing my face so I can’t comment on the effectivity against mascara but it does a really great job overall and leaves my face gently tingling and fresh. The witch hazel smell isn’t overpowering in the slightest and even though I bought it a good while ago, I’ve not even used 3/4 of the tube yet as you only need a small amount each time. At just £4.75 it’s affordable and long-lasting, which makes it a complete winner in my eyes.

Step 2: Cleanse

The SkinActive anti-blemish clarifying tonic is a thing of wonder. I first heard about this on Mikhila Mcdaid’s YT channel along with the matching moisturiser and snapped it up on offer in Boots a few months ago. I use twice daily this after washing and drying my face and it is probably up there with some of the best skin products I’ve tried. I’m slowly moving towards a completely cruelty free beauty lifestyle, and more than anything I was genuinely gutted to find out that Garnier test on animals! As much as I would love to repurchase this I will be exploring different options in future, but still feel like this has been a total skin saver.

It works like a toner by cleansing and tightening, and is cooling and soothing due to the added witch hazel. I expected this to be similar to regular toner, however it’s a much thicker gel like consistency. I dot a pea sized amount on my forehead, cheeks and chin and wipe away using a cotton pad. It’s not at all drying and smells really fresh and clean – for £4.99 you can’t go wrong!

Step 3: Moisturise

Following on the tonic and as a last step, I use the Garner SkinActive anti-blemish soothing moisturiser before bed – sometimes mixed with a little night cream, or on it’s own. It isn’t very thick, but I find that I only need a small amount when using. It doesn’t have any kind of smell and leaves my skin really soft and nourished without it being greasy or sticky. I do find that I suffer from some dryness around my nose even when using this, so I do often pop some thicker moisturise on here but aside from this little niggle I really enjoy using this. This was the most expensive of all three products mentioned rolling it at £6.99, but like the face wash it does seem to be lasting me, so is good value for money.
Garnier SkinActive Moisturiser
All three of these together have really reduced the redness on my face, and have helped to clear up two stubborn patches of blemishes that I had real difficulty getting rid of. My face has never felt as clean and fresh as when using these, and for under £20 for all three I think they are fantastic value products that really do work.
That said, it’s not all about the products – here are a few things you can also do to help your skin out!

Drink, drink, drink…

This probably isn’t the first time that I’ve said this and I doubt it’ll be the last, but HYDRATE! I used to be the worst for remembering to drink water, but I invested in a few cute water bottles like this one from Nails Inc and try to take one everywhere with me so I have no excuse not to have water to hand. It can feel like such a chore, but I’ve found that drinking at least 1 litre each day is working really well and has definitely contributed to clearer skin.

Sugar rush

During the warmer months of the year I can sometimes find myself consuming a lot more sugar than I usually would – who can resist ice-cold mocktails when the sun is shining at the end of a working week? I usually manage to reign myself in before it gets out of hand, but juicy summer fruits and deliciously tempting ice cream flavours often win and the increased sugar intake only contributes towards bad skin days. You won’t find me turning down a magnum in the midst of a summer’s day out, but I do try to make up for it by sticking to either low sugar or sugar-free in most other areas of my diet and it seems to balance itself out.

Don’t touch!

One of my worst habits is touching my face – whether I’m sitting with my face in my hands or rubbing my eyes, I catch myself touching my skin time and time again without knowing that I’m doing it. Even the cleanest hands are likely to have bacteria on them, and touching your face spreads all those germs and dirt across the most sensitive areas of skin. This can be a hard habit to curb, but for the good of your face and to avoid triggering bad breakouts busy your hands elsewhere – you’ll see an improvement before you know it.


I can’t stress the importance of using a proper SPF on your face on a day-to-day basis! Most days I used the IT Cosmetics CC cream that has a 50+ SPF, but on makeup free days when I don’t I always apply either a primer with SPF or a product that has some sun protection. Even on a cloudy day harmful UV rays can damage the delicate skin on your face, and this is something you will definitely start to see the effects of later on if life. If you don’t wear makeup then try a moisturising SPF or even regular suncream, and if you do make sure your foundation has SPF to it.

Clean your brushes

Makeup fans – you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I covered in a recent post about washing my makeup brushes just how much dirt and grime can become trapped in them, and why you should be cleaning them on a regular basis – check it out here. Dirty brushes can lead to huge breakouts, clogged pores and infections – basically nothing good! Create a routine for washing and drying your brushes, and stick to it!
So there you have it – my top three skin care products at the minute, and a few tips on how you can give your skin a helping hand. I’d love to hear your spring/summer skin care ideas, and as always if you want to see more like this or have any recommendations for me, do reach out either below, on social media or at admin@calamityray.co.uk – I love hearing from you all!
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