Mini Haul: Lush

Mini Haul: Lush


I’m back! I’ve had the most amazing time in Lisbon with the wife – keep your eyes peeled for a sunny blog post on our adventures very soon.

A few weeks ago whilst charging around Manchester town centre picking up a few last minute holiday bits, I decided to pop into Lush for ‘a look’. I was hyped up on sushi and bobo tea but promised myself (and my long suffering wife) that I only wanted to have a little poke around at the new Halloween range, that I wouldn’t buy anything…oops.

Thirty minutes of sniffing everything I could get my hands on later I stumbled out covered in glitter and soap fragments, clutching a familiar brown paper bag to my chest. I’d broken my promise, but goddamn it was worth it!

As much as I love the convenience of a shower (and a good waterfall showerhead), nothing relaxes me more than a long hot bath. I discovered Lush upon moving to Manchester – I wanted bath products that felt like luxury as a well deserved treat post pay day, but didn’t want to shell out too much and I think Lush is a really good balance between the two.

My first visit was rather overwhelming. Hundereds of new products that I’d never even heard of before (shower jelly…a jelly…for the shower?!) and an all out attack on my senses as I wandered around, afraid to touch anything in fear of knocking one of the many towers of bath bombs over.

After a few visits I slowly became used to the fact that you are encouraged to try products rather than being shooed away, and can genuinely lose hours poring over the massive assortment of treats. Some products seem to be little on the pricey side which is why I only venture in every month or so but it’s absolutely worth it – I’ve never tutted and shook my head in regret at a madly fizzing bath bomb painting my bath in the most vibrant colours yet!

On to the goodies…

‘Lord of Misrule’ bath bomb £3.95/each

I have managed to miss the Lord of Misrule bath bomb every single time the Halloween range has been released for the past few years, so I made a beeline for this and was ecstatic to finally get my hands on it. It’s bright green and heavy and smells earthy with hints of vanilla, patchouli and a very distinct aroma of pepper. I find it to be soothing and strong without being overpowering and after trying one I’m going to have to stock up on enough to keep me going until next October! I’m gutted it’s not part of the permanent range, but if I limit myself to one a month I might be able to last…


When you drop it into the bath it begins to produce a pea green foam speckled with white and baby pink which eventually gives way to a vibrant pink that turns the water to a rich, red wine colour. The scent filled my entire bathroom and the water felt thicker and velvety soft, as it usually does with Lush products. I find that with quite a lot of the bath bombs the scent wears off my skin quickly, but Lord of Misrule stuck around for a good few hours! After watching a few videos of the bombs in action I did expect it to fizz a bit more, but neverless it still looked and smelled amazing, even if it was a bit fizzless! If you want to give yourself an autumn treat then definitely pick one of these up if you get a chance – you won’t regret it.

‘Mint Julips’ lip scrub £5.50/25g

When winter arrives and the colder weather rolls in, I find that my lips dry out easily and become very painful and flaky. When I asked friends for advice on what I could do to help this, I was pointed in the direction of Lush’s lip scrub. Made from sugar and jojoba oil it feels like a very natural product. I initially went for the bubblegum flavour after reading positive reviews, but was won over by the smell of the Mint Julip version so I completely changed my mind and bought that instead.


It smells of mint chocolate (think After Eights!) which I wasn’t expecting at all but have come to love about it more than anything else. The product is really packed into the jar and I only need to use a little at a time so it should last me for a good few months before I need to restock.

Morning and night after brushing my teeth, I gather some onto my fingertip and gently scrub it all over my lips. I do this for about a minute and then rinse off – as it is made of sugar you can eat it (and it does indeed taste nice) but I rinse it off at the same time as cleansing my face. My lips feel immediately softer and this feeling carries on long into the afternoon. As it removes all traces of dead skin it creates a really smooth base for lipstick, especially matte!

This would be great for anyone that that suffers from dry lips or wants to add another level of cleansing to their beauty routine.

The Comforter‘ shower cream £4.95/100g

The very first bubble bar that I tried from Lush was ‘The Comforter’ and from that very first crumble I was hooked. I’m pretty that cassis absolute is one of my favourite lush scents!


I adore the smell of this and when I came upon the shower cream I thought I’d give it a whirl to compare to the bubble bar. Out of the whole haul, this is the product that I’m most disappointed with. Of course, it smells lovely and exactly like the bubble bar which got my hopes up, but the by the time I’d stepped out of the shower the scent had gone from my skin. I tried it again later adding a good dollop to the bath water with the creamy candy bubble bar but alas the scent fades incredibly quickly.  It is bright pink and sparkly and is a welcome addition to my collection, but if I’m honest I wouldn’t repurchase this one again in a hurry.

Respect Your Elders‘ soap £3.50/100g

I’ll be honest, I’ve never used Lush soap before this haul. Sure, I’ve pondered over it and wasted god knows how much time gazing adoringly over the massive range of colourful, aromatic bars but I’ve never actually purchased anything until now.


I was drawn over to this by an employee who recommended it and it’s just gorgeous. It has a scent that I find really hard to describe – it’s quite fruity and a bit floral and reminds me of ‘The Comforter’ but it’s not as strong. There are some definite red berry undertones and it contains elderberries but I’ve never smelt these so can’t accurately compare here! It is deep purple in colour with lighter lavender marbling throughout and looks really nice in a soap dish on the side of the bath.

It creates a beautiful lather, even more so when used with a body puff. I’m not a fan of the odd, waxy feel that some soaps leave on the body but I found using it in the shower with a body puff lessened this – it still does leave my skin feeling odd though, so if you’re not a fan of being squeaky clean definitely just reserve this for washing your hands!

Magic Wand‘ soap £3.50/100g

I also picked up this soap as well as the ‘Respect Your Elders’ above. The large, uncut logs of it look like licorice from the outside with a dreamy orange, pink and yellow splash of colour inside. Even when sliced down, you’ll notice that the block of soap you get is very wide and awkward to handle – I had to cut this in half to be able to use it properly without dropping it.

It has a strong citrus scent thanks to the tangerine oil, and a base of pomegranate molasses that come out to play when lathering this up. It is a real autumn scent for me and is very comforting.


As with ‘Respect Your Elders’, it lathers well and creates a creamy, rich froth. I will add that the lather it creates is grey which can be startling at first, but this rinses off and leaves no trace of colour. I found it quite drying and it left my skin waxy but this is due to my skin type and isn’t a reflection on Lush at all.

The scent of this one did stick around for a few hours after using, and having it out in the bathroom in a soap dish means that the whole room smells delicious! I’d recommend this if you’re new to the world of Lush soaps and want to try something different.

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar‘ £2.95/each

Finally, the last product that I couldn’t resist was the ‘Creamy Candy Bubble Bar’. This bar is adorable both in size and colour, with a cute pink flower situated in the middle. It has a very sweet scent that is somewhat reminiscent of ‘Snow Fairy’ but not quite there with an added heady hint of vanilla.


As with most of my bubble bars, I always try and get more than just one bath out of it, and split this one in half – I had planned to save half until a later date, but the wife got there and used it before I had a chance to revisit! Even just half a bar was more than enough to produce thick bubbles that filled the bath and the scent remained just as strong. The water turned a lovely baby pink colour and left my skin feeling velvety and nourished.

I was very impressed with this little gem for £2.95 and will be stocking up on these next time I drop by Lush.

And that concludes this mini haul! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I have testing these products out. Be sure to let me know what your favourite Lush product is and why – I’ll take any excuse I can get to go back for more of these luscious goodies!


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