The Dead Are Alive: Makeup Revolution

The Dead Are Alive: Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution have pretty much nailed it with their affordable, colourful and varied makeup range. From brushes and applicators to strobing and setting, they offer so much choice for reasonable prices and the Makeup Revolution section is where I naturally gravitate towards when looking to try something new.

I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve tested from them, but their shadows are absolutely at the top of my hot list.

‘The Dead Are Alive’ launched in October 2016 along with another palette called ‘Give Them Darkness’ as part of their Halloween makeup range. From the moment I laid eyes on it I was enamoured, but held strong and didn’t buy it at the time – which came back to haunt me when I realised it was limited released only. I mourned my loss and had moved on, so when I opened this beauty over Christmas I was absolutely thrilled (and full of love for my cracker of a wife) and couldn’t wait to get stuck in with it.

The Packaging

The sleek black palette itself came packaged in a Halloween themed purple box – extra points for detail here. Each palette that they offer comes packaged in a different kind of box that relates to the theme and I really enjoy this; I think it gives the brand a more high-end feel next to the likes of Tarte and Zoeva. Although I like the black glossy box I find that it picks up all kinds of dirt and fingerprints and is very easily to accidentally scuff and scratch. I’d love to see a more durable design in future, but I wouldn’t rate this any less based solely on this reason.

The Shades

The palette has 13 shimmer and 3 matte shadows, and comes with a generic double eyeshadow applicator. Each palette that I’ve tried comes with a decent sized mirror that takes up the underside of the lid – I use mine as my makeup mirror when I’m away from home and don’t have access to a full-sized one.

Usually the shades are split according to their type, however in this one they are combined together. It’s not an issue as you can easily tell which is matte and which isn’t, but it would have been nice to have them laid out separately.

Even though a few of the shades are quite sheer they have a good pigment to them and I don’t experience that much fallout from my brush which is always a bonus. As with other eyeshadows in the range they apply very easily and seem to last all day – I tend to get at least 12 hours when using.

Each shade has been given a Halloween themed name; from top to bottom, left to right we have:

The Dead
Are Alive

The Swatches

As mentioned above, some of them are quite sheer but I wanted to include swatches of single layer so that you can see what to expect from each colour.


I love every shade but I will admit that ‘Immortal’ was a bit of a let down; once applied it didn’t resemble the glittering blue that I expected from it at all – even when layering! ‘Afterlife’ and ‘Noise’ are very light and perfect for the inner corners of the eye – I think you could absolutely get away with using them as highlighter in a pinch too!

‘Grave’, ‘Exit’ and ‘Haunt’ are warm and smokey and perfect for using during Autumn and Winter, whilst ‘Are Alive’, ‘Exist’ and ‘Fall’ would be ideal to use during Spring and Summer. My go to look at the moment is a mix of ‘Destruct’ and ‘Fall’ with a touch of ‘Depart’ in the crease and I’m not ready to let it go anytime soon!

The Price

For such a great mix of shades and taking into account that it was a limited released at the time, I would have expected to depart with upwards of £2o; however ‘The Dead Are Alive’ comes in at just £6. Whether you’re looking to try something different and expand your range of shades or just can’t resist a good themed palette (and who can?!) I would without a doubt recommend this little gem for your collection.

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  1. January 22, 2017 / 2:15 pm

    I really love the shades included in this palette! I have my eye on the Nordic inspired one at the moment, which like you I resisted at the time but now kind of regret. – Amy

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