How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

If you’re anything like me and just a tad obsessed with makeup, you’ll be fully aware of the one mundane task that rolls around every few weeks – cleaning your makeup brushes!

Alas, as boring as it might be it is a necessity that shouldn’t be avoided, so join me while I run through why you should be cleaning them regularly and share a few tips to help you keep yours spotless.

How I clean my makeup brushes

So, you’ve found the perfect set of brushes and know exactly how to use each for contouring, eyeshadow and foundation, but where to begin cleaning them?

You don’t need any equipment or expensive products at all – in fact I cleaned my first ‘set’ of brushes using only baby shampoo and the palm of my hand.

As my collection has expanded (see a post on my gorgeous new Spectrum brushes here) and I have started to experiment more with makeup, I’ve found that I like to deep clean my brushes every few weeks and would highly recommend a good cleanser and gel where possible to make life easier.

The Spectrum Cleaning Clam is a perfect size for all of my brushes, and is a total bargain at just £9.99. Whilst I lust over Spectrum’s Unicorn Horn Polish solid brush soap, I wanted to try a deep cleansing gel for comparison and I picked up the Real Techniques edition half price in January from Boots (usually around £8).

The gel has a really thick consistency and smells amazing – I can’t comment on how long a bottle lasts, however I clean between 2-6 brushes roughly every two weeks and I have well over half of a bottle left.

Whether you’re using your hands and shampoo or a cleanser and gel, I can’t stress how important it is to keep these babies fresh. Every time you use your brushes a magnitude of things such as skin flakes, oil and grime get trapped in the bristles. Without regular cleaning this bacteria is likely to build up, and can cause major havoc with your delicate skin – think random breakouts and acne flare-ups.

Feeling a little grossed out and ready to scrub those brushes to within an inch of their life? Here’s the best way to give them a much needed deep clean…

You will need:

Makeup brushes
Brush cleaning tool/tray
Cleansing gel or skin friendly soap
Hot, clean water
A towel

Ready? Let’s do this!

👉 Run your brushes under lukewarm water, rinsing out as much of the product stuck in there as you can. Try and stick to the mid lengths and ends of the brush and not where the bristles meet the handle.

👉 Apply a good dollop of cleansing gel to your cleaning tool and gently swirl the bristles through it. Keep swirling and swishing back and forth until the product begins to loosen and a lather forms.

👉 Rinse the brush under running hot water, and repeat until the lather stays white/clear and makeup free.

👉 Rinse again until the water runs clear and gently squeeze out the excess water. Reshape the bristles whilst still damp and lay flat on a towel until completely dry. This can take a few hours, so be sure you’ve already done your makeup or have time to let them dry before you need to use them.

And there we have it! How to keep your precious brushes sparkling and face happy, all at the same time.

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