Feelunique Pick ‘N’ Mix Samples | The Review

Feelunique Pick ‘N’ Mix Samples | The Review


I very recently stumbled upon Feelunique’s Pick ‘N’ Mix service when scouring the internet for a perfume sample to try before committing to a full sized bottle. As much as I love what some would class as ‘higher end’ (read: more expensive) brands, I dread spending money on anything that I don’t have a chance to properly try out first.

I’ve swatched lipsticks and spritzed myself with countless fragrances whilst browsing shops, but I never feel like I’m getting a true picture of what a product is like or how it holds up in different situations. An expertly applied face of foundation might look fantastic at a beauty counter, but how will it look after an eight hour work day and forty minute post-office squash session? I don’t want to spend £30+ to look like a melted waxwork when I know that a product I already own will stay in place right up until I take it off at night.

The rules of the sample service state that five samples can be ordered once a month; for example if you order on the 1st December, you won’t be able to order more until 1st January. At first this seemed a bit strict, but after discovering the amount of products it reeled me in a bit and made me focus on what I actually really wanted to try, rather than throwing literally anything on offer into my virtual basket.

All samples are free of charge however you do have to pay a £3.95 shipping and handling fee. It might seem like a lot for shipping, but at the end of the day you’re receiving five free mini products so I was more than happy to cover this.

The website is really easy to use and counts down how many samples you have left to pick as you’re adding to the basket.  There is so much choice spread across lots of different brands – currently 416 samples from brands such as Caudalie, Elemis, NARS and Vichy.

It took me nearly an hour to whittle my choices down to five for this month – I can’t give a very accurate review of every product below, but I wanted to cover what I got anyway in case you’d like to try it too!

Hugo Boss The Scent for Her Eau De Parfum (1.5ml)


I love Hugo Boss fragrances and having worked my way through four bottles, I really wanted to give this one a try. I’m not a fan of this one at all. It smells very, very sweet and after only a few hours of wearing it it wore off to a point that I couldn’t smell it anymore. It may have been my error by not putting enough on – the sprayless bottle completely threw me off. Regardless, this is something I won’t be buying in a full size; the wife however loves it, so no doubt she’ll be stealing this away!

bareMinerals Skinsorials 3 Part Ritual


The title of this one says it all really – a three step kit including cleanser, a serum and moisturiser. I’ve not tried this one yet but I’m looking forward to it. The description reads:

‘Skinsorials, an exquisite beauty ritual filled with what your skin craves – gorgeous textures, naturally derived scents and effective ingredients – for your most beautifully resilient, younger and healthier looking skin.’

I really like bareMinerals products having used their illuminating powder a long time ago, and I’m super excited to try something from their skincare range. The samples are split into three different packets, with just enough for two applications at a stretch.

ELEMIS Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil (2ml)


Last month I bought an oil based eye makeup remover from Boots, but I wanted to give an oil cleanser a go to see how it compared to using regular makeup remover.

The amount you get is more than I expected, and because it’s oil based and very runny I’ve been able to to stretch it to three uses over three days. I absolutely adore this, and will definitely be ordering a full size soon! I had a rather heavy makeup day and this effortlessly melted it from my face without any need to scrub and it left my skin feeling baby soft and very clean. I am so impressed with it and my delight was only heightened when I saw that a full size bottle can be picked up for as little at £24.

Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk Eau de Toilette (1.5ml)


This one was ordered on a whim – I have to admit that more than anything the packaging is what drew my eye to it. Without researching into it or looking up any reviews, I picked the ‘Beach Walk’ scent. It smells exactly as you would imagine given the name – coconuts and spicy pepper but with hints of citrus and musk. My perfume choices in the past have always been quite reasonable so my heart sunk slightly to see this retailing at £85, but after spraying it on at 7am and it still going strong until 7pm the same night it seems well worth it.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream (15ml)


Compared to the others this is a massive sample! I’ve used this hand cream previously and love everything about it – it smells amazing and makes my hands feel very soft and looked after. I thought it would a perfect size to carry around as opposed to a full sized tube, and it is! I only need to use a tiny blob at a time, so I have a feeling that this one will last me a good while.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the sample service and can’t wait to order five more next month. Drop me a line if you’ve tried this (or are going to) and what you think about it – I love hearing from you!


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